Rental Rates

Includes: Delivery/Pickup, Ebike, Charger, Lock & Helmet 
$75 - 24 Hours
$315 - 1 Week (40% off)
$900 - Per Month (60% off) 

Book by selecting rental dates below or by calling us at 321-419-3375

How it works

- Book your rental on-line or by calling us at (321) 419-3375

- We deliver your rental to where you are located*

- Enjoy your Ebike adventure

- When your done with your rental we'll pick up the equpment to make for a hastle free experience

What is an Ebike?

An E-bike or electric bicycle is just regular bicycle with the addition of an electric motor and battery to provide assistance to the rider. We offer multi-speed bikes with multiple levels of pedal assist so you can pedal a little, a lot, or not at all.

Things to remember

⦁ Riders must be 16 years or older to operate an electric bike. An adult or guardian must accompany riders under 18.
⦁ We will provide all riders with a tutorial of the safety aspects and demonstrate proper operation
⦁ Waiver must be signed and rider must demonstrate safe operation of the Ebike
⦁ Helmets are provided

* Free delivery to most locations within a 25 mile radius from our shop in Melbourne, Florida. A small delivery fee may apply depending on your drop off location.

If you need more information on delivery rates please call us at 321-419-3375